June - July 2021

30.5. - "Perspectives" solo mandolin recital @ Averbode Klassiek, BE  (Stream)

6.6. - "In Dialogo" w/ Concerto Foscari @ Stadttheater Wolfsburg, DE  (Stream)

8.6. - "Bohemian Serenade" w/ Butter Quartet @ Mozartfest Würzburg, DE

10.6. - Festakt zu 450 Jahre Emder Synode w/ Concerto Foscari @ Johannes a Lasco Bibliothek, Emden, DE

13.6. -"Xerxes - an intercultural Portrait" w/ Concerto Foscari @ Händel Festspiele Halle, DE (Cancelled!)

17.6. -  "Golden Psalms" w/ Concerto Foscari @ Markuskirche Hannover, DE.

18.-24.6. - w/ Tabea Debus (recorder) @ St Magnus Festival, SCT (Cancelled!)

20.6. - "As on a Sunshine Summer's Day" w/ Lautten Compagney & Tora Augestad @ Philharmonie Duisburg, DE

24.6. - "Joseph and his Brethern" by Elam Rotem, w/ Profeti della Quinta @ Thüringer Bachwochen, Erfurter Dom, DE

28.6. - "In Dialogo" w/ Concerto Foscari @ Kölner Fest für Alte Musik, DE

3.7. - "Corona Aurea" w/ Concerto Foscari @ Dommuseum Hildesheim, DE

4.7. - "Corona Aurea" w/ Concerto Foscari @ Villa Seligmann Hannover, DE

7.7. - "As on a Sunshine Summer's Day" w/ Lautten Compagney & Tora Augestad @ St. Crucis Kirche, Bad Sooden-Allendorf, DE

9.7. - „Seasons" w/ PRISMA @ Festival de Sarrebourg, FR (Cancelled!)

9.7. - „Perspectives“ solo mandolin recital @ MARETERRA Festival, Bari, IT

10.7. - „Perspectives“ solo mandolin recital @ MARETERRA Festival, Martano, IT

15.7. - Duo recital w/ Patricia Buzari (piano) @ Rittersaal, Momentum Festival Stolberg, DE (Cancelled!)

18.7. - "Andalusian Brew" w/ Concerto Foscari feat. Nani @ Heimathof, Papenburg, DE

19.7. - "Andalusian Brew" w/ Concerto Foscari feat. Nani @ Bucharische Jüdische Gemeinde, Hannover, DE

21.7. - Benefit Concert for Pro Animale für Tiere in Not e.V. @ Memento, PL

25.7. - Duo concert with Anders Paulsson (saxophone) @ Summer Garden Concerts, Ingarö island, SWE 

In the past 18 months, with almost all tours either cancelled or postponed, I've managed to work remotely on a few digital collaborations with old and new friends around the world. Here are a couple of my favorites:

"Alte Musik zu Gast im Klassenzimmer" – a New Project by Musikland Niedersachsen

 Joined by Maja Hilke (music education), Alon Sariel (lute & cittern) and Tabea Debus (recorder) will be touring classrooms next autumn, celebrating the anniversary of Renaissance composer Michael Praetorius (1571-1621) in schools across Lower Saxony.

"Spagnoletta" from Praetorius' Terpsichore, as played at the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festspielen and transmitted by the mics and cams of the NDR.


Visit Musikland Niedersachsen and check out the new Education page for more.