Arrangements & transcriptions

One of the ways through which I support mandolin education is producing new compositions or arrangements of pieces that I love.
Watch an excerpt of ASTURIAS by Isaac Albeniz below. A detailed catalogue is coming up soon!

Individual lessons

Now also online!
I'm proud to be staff member at the Arpeggiato Online School, where you can easily book your lesson.
Contact me for questions.

Children's concerts

As musical director of Concerto Foscari, I've led dozens of Children's Concerts of different themes and sorts. I believe in interactive musical education and see in it the branch, upon I and all my fellow professional musicians are sitting. 

As a member of the organisation „Rhapsody in School“, I've visited several classrooms to introduce my different instruments and classical music in general. My goal is simply to awake questions and curiosity, perhaps plant some tiny seeds and allow the kids and youth to dream about persuading a creative life. 

Masterclasses & chamber music coaching

While on tour, I've always enjoyed meeting students and visiting educational institutes around the world, sharing my passion for music and art. Whether it was mandolin majors at Trinity Collage of London or a mass orchestra of over a hundred mandolinists at the CMSA convention in Toronto; chamber ensembles at the Lilla Akademien in Stockholm or a young Czech string orchestra whom I've introduced certain oral music traditions and folk music at the ZUŠ Nová Paka; highly gifted guitar students of the National University of the Arts (UNAM) in Mexico City or young Russian virtuosi on Domra and Balalaika at the Kazan Conservatory, where I was invited to sit in the jury.

Orchestral workshops

During the years of my own education in Germany, I was privileged to serve as musical director in Göttingen, both at the Youth Symphony Orchestra and at the Camerata Medica. I've always found it interesting to work also with youngsters and non-professionals, which sometimes requires completely different qualities than my usual work. Above all it was a great pleasure to open some doors of inspiration into the world of orchestral music, rhythm, intonation, teamwork, leadership and communication.