Prizes & Awards

- Finalist at the Maestro Competition for young artists, Tel Aviv 2000


- The Edna and Albert Sarney Award at the Beersheba Conservatory, 2001 & 2003


- Study grants from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, since 2002


"Extraordinary Musician" status given by the Ministry of Education, Israel 2004


- Invitation to represent Israel at the Middle-Eastern Summit of Jeunesses Musicales, Cyprus 2005


- Special Recognition at the national Ben Haim Competition for contemporary Israeli music, 2006


- First Prize at the Competition for String Instruments at the Jerusalem Academy of music, 2006


- Third Prize winner at the European Mandolin Award held by EGMA (the European Guitar and Mandolin Association), Patras (GR) 2007


- Second Prize (no first prize given) at the International Calace Competition in Pignola di Potenza (IT) 2007


- First Prize at the Chamber Music Competition of the Jerusalem Academy of music, 2008


- First Prize at the Conductor's Competition on the name of Chana Avni-Yaddor 2008


- Excellence Grant from the Chais Familiy Foundation at the Jerusalem Music Academy, 2009


- Audience Prize at the Aviv Competitions of the America Israel Cultural Foundation 2009


- First prize at the International Bloch Competition in London, 2009


- Second Prize at the Israeli Music Competition in London, 2009


- The Schröder Prize at the at the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Median in Hannover, 2010


- Second Prize at the Haverhill Sinfonia Soloist Competition 2011


- Special grant from Zfunot Tarbut (Zfunot Culture), Israel 2011 & 2014


- First Prize at the Biber Competition with PRISMA, St. Florian 2015


Eeemerging Audience Prize with PRISMA at the Ambronay Festival 2016


- Finalist at the CAG (Concert Artists Guild), Manhattan NYC 2017