„... Sariel  presented the solo with elegance, refined ornamentation and a hint of flexing and inégal mannerism, ..., Playing that is a celebration of the freshness, energy and invention.

- Pamela Hickman, Jerusalem, April 30th, 2016



„… intensives, technisch höchst anspruchsvolles Mandolinenspiel, ..., das Konzert lieferte dem Publikum mit der klanglichen Verschmelzung der Instrumente ein selten gehörtes, fast meditatives Ereignis.“

- Rudi Rudolph, Bad Pyrmont, May 18th, 2015



„… Ein stimmungsvoller Abschluss des Programms wurde Geminianis Concerto Grosso Nr. 2 in g-Moll, …, ein atmosphärisch ausgesprochen dicht gearbeitetes Stück, mit dezenten solokonzertanten Anklängen etwa für die Violine und oder für die Laute. Die spielte Alon Sariel selbst, hier wie in den vorangegangenen Stücken präsentierten er und seine Musiker sich als sehr homogenes und agiles, gut aufeinander eingestimmtes Ensemble.“
- Christian Schütte, Hannover, October 6, 2014



"... Auf der Mandoline spielte er die Chaconne aus der Partita für Violine solo Nr. 2 d-Moll, BWV 1004 von Johann Sebastian Bach. Ein zerbrechlicher Klang ertönte im Vergleich mit der robusten Violine. Tief gebeugt über den Hals des Instrumentes tauchte der Israeli in den Barockklang ab. Eine beeindruckende Leistung und sehr viel Beifall für den jungen Mann."

- www.ejz.de, Hitzacker, August 3, 2014



"... Besonderes der fulminante Finalsatz (Jupiter-Sinfonie) riss die Zuhörer mit. Jubelnd, trampelnd und mit stürmischem Applaus machte des Publikum seiner Begeisterung Luft..."
- Matthias Körber, Göttingen, March 1, 2014



"... Überragend selbstbewusst lässt sich der Mandolinenvirtuose Alon Sariel seine zart besaitetes Instrument zum ebenbürtigen Gefährten des mächtigen Flügels werden..."
- Volker Dittmar, Fürth, January 11, 2014



"… Sariel wowed the audience with Bach's Chaconne on the mandolin…"

- Joyce Lindorff, Kuopio, August 18, 2013 



"… with his playing, he raises the mandolin into totally new spheres…"

- Pekka Vapaavuori, Kuopio, August 18, 2013 



"... Alon Sariel, ein international bekannter und erfolgreicher israelischer Mandolist, vervollständigte schließlich den Kreis der exzellenten „montalbâne“-Künstler."
Hans-Dieter Speck, Naumburg, June 24, 2013



"… Son jeu perlé, ses articulations claires et la douceur de ses nuances, tout concourrait à donner l’illusion d’une (presque) épinette…"

- Clément Rochefort, Paris, May 20, 2013 



"… In his performance of the toccata on the archlute, Sariel creates a relaxed, reflective mood with some pleasing voice-play and expressive figures; but, as the piece progresses, the listener begins to hear some daring harmonies (for the time it was written) and unexpected chord changes. Sariel’s playing is, nevertheless, understated and subtle, allowing for the composer’s somewhat revolutionary ideas to emerge articulately..."
- Pamela Hickman, Jerusalem, April 2, 2013



"… Die erste Hälfte des Konzerts steht im Zeichen der Werke von Dowland und Purcell, die nicht durch Effekte, sondern ihre Leichtigkeit bestechen. Leise erklingen die Töne aus Sariels Laute..."

Sariel spielt zusätzlich einige Lauten-Soli, die häufiges Umstimmen seines Instrumentes erfordern. Charmant überbrückt der Musiker diese Phasen mit kleinen Scherzen und Geschichten über das Lautenspiel und erheitert damit die Gäste…"
- Tina Evers, Göttingen, Februar 8, 2013



"... Sariel's version for mandolin drew out the impressionistic, melismatic orientalisms of Ben-Haim's Eastern Meditteranean soundworld with a rich and beguiling palette... exemplifying virtuoso mandolin playing at its most engaging"
- Malcolm Miller, London, December 4, 2012



"… Sariel invested the solo part with a beguiling delicacy of phrasing, every note was subtly coloured and bathed in light..."

- Geofry Megradge, Ilkley, November 18, 2012



"… Das Publikum dankte es den Jungen Musikern mit begeistertem Applaus. Ein Entkommen gab es nach der Zugabe nur, als Sariel das Ensemble, die Hand des Konzertmeisters ergreifend, aus der Aula zog..."
- Lukas Breitenbach, Göttingen, Februar 22, 2012



"… Sariel takes the listener into the realm of magical, filigree melodic lines created on the lute, gracing them with dainty ornaments… Attentive to Edri’s pace and tasteful embellishments, delicately ornamenting the lute part.."
- Pamela Hickman, Ein Kerem, April 5, 2011



"... Sariel's translations of string sonorities were even more ingeniously deployed in to the familiar sumptuous bowings of Bloch's Nigun, here translated into fervent tremolando strummings emulating the melting passion of cantorial fervour shaped into rhapsodic waves. Yet the plectrum attack also engendered a rhythmic precision to balance the freedom, thus producing an interpretation of freedom, conviction and precision." 
- Malcolm Miller, London, July 15, 2009



"… Sariel captured his audience in an interpretation into which he wove harmonic interest, a richness of ideas and much elegant ornamentation… Sariel takes his listener into the fractured nature of the dream world, sketching a suggestive canvas of effects where melodic ideas appear and fade. His playing was free and spontaneous, but clearly planned out in his mind…"

- Pamela Hickman, Jerusalem, January 3, 2009



"... Sariel then unleashed a mesmerizing solo performance of the famous Bach Chaconne in D minor… This is one of the finest Bach performances this reviewer has ever heard, blending pyrotechnics, calm and noble utterance and tragedy in equal measure..."

- Joshua Getzler, Oxford, February 24, 2008

  • Alon & PRISMA are back from a week long residency in Bucharest and Trasylvania, heading to the Biannual REMA Showcase in the Hague on March 22nd, 20:30 in De Zalen, Rote Zaal.
  • Next Saturday (29.03.) Alon plays a solo recital at Berlin's Central Library
  • Just out: Alon will be guesting at the 2017 annual convention of the Classical Mandolin Society of America including a USA tour in the second half of October
  • Alon is back from a wonderful South Africa Tour including conducting the Gauteng Philharmonic, solo performances with the Camerata Tinta Barocca in Cape Town and a Recital at the Brooklyn Theater of Pretoria
  • Alon presents his "Reformation program" Symphony pour David with Concerto Foscari in Hannover (10.02.) and Bremen (11.02.)
  • After his last Christmas concerts in Mannheim, Heidelberg and Hannover, Alon is ready to start 2017!
  • Presentations of Alon's new CD Sharkiya with Izhar Elias (guitar) and Michael Tsalka (harpsichord) to be given this weekend (26-27.11.16) in Bad Pyrmont & Bremen
  • Here you can read an interview (DE) Alon gave ahead of Concerto Foscari's concert this Friday in Hannover
  • Getting ready for the Israel Tour next week, presenting the new album Sharkiya with Michael Tsalka (harpsichord) and Izhar Elias (guitar)
  • After a beautiful collaboration with Sfferaina for the ID Festival in Berlin, Alon joins mezzo-soprano Tehila Nini-Goldstein for a duo evening between Sefarad and Ashkenaz for the Potsdam University
  • October sends Alon's program Paisiello in Vienna to the  Sofia Baroque Arts Festival, the Geelvinck Fortepiano Festival of Amsterdam and at the Kulturhus in Ruurlo (NL)
  • September in Germany with concerts in Hamburg, Leipzig, Schrobenhausen, Celle, Schwerin, Bielefeld, Rinteln and more - check out Alon's agenda for details.
  • In the coming week Alon will be featured at the Riga Early Music Center (13.08. w/ PRISMA) and at the Molyvos International Music Festival (16-19.08)
  • Back from a live concert to ORF Austrian Radio in Mauerbach, Alon will present two renaissance recitals on lute and cittern at the Mausoleum of St. Petri in Stadthagen
  • After a 5 Star review (Neue Presse) for his Concert d'anniversaire (TV Article by h1) with Concerto Foscari, Alon will premiere the new mandolin concerto RETROSPECTION this weekend in Sofia
  • Just before leading Concerto Foscari through another French baroque program in Hannover, Alon heads to London for some Bach & Dowland at the Midsummer Music Festival
  • Alon's debut with the Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin (DKO) coming up on June 20th, alongside a recording for a Neue Meister CD with works by Gilad Hochman, Fazil Say and Matthew Herbert
  • May 2016: getting ready for a trio tour to Israel and the Netherlands followed by PRISMA's debut in Vienna (Biber Festival)
  • Programs for summer festivals go online, Alon will be guesting at the Molyvos Festival (Greece), Midsummer Music (UK) and the Gezeitenkonzerte (Germany), to name a few
  • Here you can watch the NDR TV article on Alon's Sunrise Recital
  • April 2016 - next month will see Alon playing a solo Sunrise Recital at the International Göttingen Handel Festival and the opening concert of the Biber Festival in Vienna
  • March 2016 - Alon joins the barockwerk hamburg for a first reproduction of Schürmann's Alceste (1719), just before their CPE Bach CD is released by cpo (check Discography)
  • Impressions from the residency in Ambronay (FR) are now on the new PRISMA Facebook page
  • February 2016 - several concerts in Göttingen coming up, on the 13th with JSO at the Fechthalle, PRISMA @ Göttinger Reihe on the 18th and March 2nd with recorder player Danya Segal @ Händel Talk
  • Watch Alon Sariel's last video interview for channel Alef (Mexico City)
  • National newspaper MILENIO covers Alonrecital in Mexico City (Spanish)
  • After his Debut with Marcello's concerto with the Celaya Camerata at Teatro Jose Nieto Piña, Alon is off to Mexico City for the International Intermezzo Festival
  • 15.01.16 - Just before his Mexico Tour, Alon joins the Bochabela String Orchestra from South Africa for some Vivaldi!
  • Happy New Year! Here you can watch Alon's 2015 summery, or if you prefer, the 2016 forecast!
  • December 2015 - Back from 3 Xmas concerts of KlangForum Heidelberg, Alon looks forward to playing Fasch Lute Concerto in Weimar this Saturday
  • November 2015 - After an extraordinary Jüngste Gericht (Buxtehude) at the Bremen Cathedral, Alon heads Amsterdam for the release concert of Paisiello in Vienna
  • The first week of November brings Alon debuts at the Berlin Philharmonie, the Royal Concertgebouw and the Glocke in Bremen
  • Baroque Concerts for Kids and a French Mass with Concerto Foscari (30.10), followed by a PRISMA recital for the WDR radio (6.11)
  • Following 2 world premieres for works by Leon Shidlowsky and Menachem Zur recorded for Kol HaMusika Radio (21.9), Alon is back in Germany for a couple of shows with Musica del Paradiso (26.9 - Bielefeld, 27.9 - Stadhagen), his debut at the Gasteig in Munich (1.10) and a night recital in candle light in Wunstorf (2.10)
  • September 2016 - After a tour through Holland including concerts Vosbergen, Utrecht and Amsterdam, Alon continues towards a recital in Denmark,  an appearence with the Sofia Philharmonic and the Israeli Music Festival
  • 22.08.2015 - Alon meets Flex Ensemble this weekend at Bad Zwestener Meisterkonzerte
  • August 2015 - After guesting at the Elverum Festival (Norway) collaborating with the Szymanowski Quartet, Alon Sariel is heading for his debut in Budapest with PRISMA
  • Alon will appear in two special recitals in Denmark this summer, August 5th and September 8th, check out Agenda for more details
  • Alon's current summer involves several recording productions including vocal quartets by Telemann with the barockwerk hamburg (CPO), a special tribute to Paisiello (Brilliant Classics) and more. But before all that, a CD production of chamber music by Yehezkel Braun with Izhar Elias (guitar) and Michael Tsalka (harpsichord) starts next week at the piccola accademia di Montisi, Southern Tuscany
  • Immediate re-invitation to the Sofia Philharmonic: Next collaboration will take place on September 10th in the Vranya Residence Sofia
  • May 2015 - Before returning to the Sofia Philharmonic this weekend, a couple of concerts with Alon this week in Bad Pyrmont and in Wunstorf
  • 04.05.15 - Alon & PRISMA are back from Austria with the 1st Prize at the International Biber Competition
  • Paladino Music (Vienna)publishes the Englishman in New York Notebook! with famous lute piece by John Dowland, arranged for mandolin duo by Alon Sariel and Joe Brent
  • 22-24.03.15 having performed Gilad Hochman's "Nedudim" for mandolin and orchestra a couple of months ago with the Jerusalem Radio Symphony, Alon returns to Israel to interpret this work again, this time with the Tel Aviv Soloists
  • 16-21.03.15 - Together with the colleagues from Heidelberg, Alon will be heading to the Salzburger Biennale, performing at the Mozarteum on March 20th, recorded by Austrian National Radio (ORF)
  • 13-16.03.15 - following the opera performances in Hamburg, Alon will be heading to Heidelberg for another collaboration with the Schola Heidelberg & ensemble aisthesis
  • 8-13.03.15 - From the Amsterdam recitals, Alon will be joining the barockwerk in Hamburg for operas by Telemann & Hiller
  • 07.03.15 - accompanied by Michael Tsalka, Alon is giving two recitals today, first @ Loosdrecht Castle (15:00) and then @ Zaandijk Fortepiano Festival (20:00)
  • 05.03.15 - Alon is playing a recital at 20:00 with pianist Michael Tsalka at the Liberal Synagauge of Amsterdam. On the menu: Bach, Bartok, Ullmann, Ben-Haim and more
  • 04.03.15 - Alon will be guesting at the late night Dutch talk show Opium on Radio 4. Join tonight at the Vondelpark Studios in Amsterdam or tune in at 22:30
  • Alon's debut with the Barokksolistene was praised by critics and public alike. Back from Glogerfestspiellene in Norway and up to the next winter festival at the Kazan Conservatory (Russia)
  • Kongsberg, Norway: "Bartok was ALIVE" said the headlines after Alon Sariel performance with accordionist Stian Carstensen
  • Listen to Alon on Kol HaMusica Radio: January 14th, 20:05 live in concert with the Jerusalem Symphony; and January 16th at noon for a recorded recital from the JMC
  • January 2015 - Alon embarks on a home-land tour including Opera and Recitals across the country with guitarist Izhar Elias and keyboardist Michael Tsalka, climaxing with a solo performance with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
  • 11.12.14 - Alon returns to Hamburg for a Christmas concert at St. Catherine's Church
  • 21.11.14 - Alon joins Rhapsody in School
  • October 2014 - after conducting an English-Baroque program in Hannover, Alon is touring Spain with guitarist Izhar Elias prior to their trio debut concerts joining Michael Tsalka at the Geelvinck Fortepiano Festival
  • 10-14.09.14 - Alon joins ensemble aisthesis and the Schola Heidelberg at Literatur Sommer Festival 2014
  • 22-26.08.14 - Alon is off to Hamburg for a concert for Altnoa's 350th anniversary followed by a CD recording (CPO) with Barockwerk Hamburg
  • 13.08.14 Alon is to play the opening recital of the Nordic Historical Keyboard Festival in Kuopio, Finland
  • 2.08.14 Alon and the Festival Akademie step in to replace cellist Jean-Guihen Queyras at the Sommerlichen Musiktage Hitzacker
  • 20.07.14 Alon is featured tonight at the Chamber Music Fest Rheinhessen with the award winning Flex Ensemble
  • Alon will be spending the last week of June 2014 with several concerts at Casa dei Mezzo Festival in Makrigialos, Crete
  • 14-18.06.14 Alon is returning to Stockholm for Festival-O/Modernt to play the world premiere of PARTHENEIA by Thomas Hewitt Jones, as well as a recital titled "the neoclassical mandolin"
  • 27-29.05.14 - following recitals in Tel Aviv and Bruchsal, Alon will be guesting in June at Festivals in Sweden and Crete
  • 18-22.05.14 Alon is on tour to Bulgaria with a new Telemann Program for the Cantus Firmus Festival in Sofia, as well as a performance of Calace's 2nd mandolin concerto in Pazardjik
  • 4.04.14 - Alon will bring "NEDUDIM" (Wanderings) by Gilad Hochman to world premiere at St. James Piccadilly, London. The Israeli premiere of the piece would take place on January 14th with Frédéric Chaslin and the Jerusalem Symphony
  • NEW CD Englishman in New York to be released on the ISRAEL TOUR starting January 28th with concerts in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Beersheba 
  • 11.01.14 - Alon is starting 2014 with a live recording for the Bayerischer Rundfunk
  • 17-19.12.13 Alon joins the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra for the three last concerts of the year
  • 14.12.13 - Alon conducts Berio's Folk Songs and de-Falla's Harpsichord Concerto in Hannover
  • 3-7.10.2013 - Alon is on tour to Sweden as guest of the Lilla Akademien (Stockholm) 
  • 14-24.08.2013 -  Alon is back from the Nordic Historical Keyboard Festival in Finland and after what was described as "stunning performance", immediately re-invited to next year's festival. 
  • 21.06.2013 Alon performs at the opening concert of Montalbâne International Festival for Medieval Music
  • 19.05.2013 - Alon is on tour to Paris to perform Bach’s 2nd Partita at at Les Musicales de Bagatelle, Paris 
  • 18.05.2013 - Alon makes his debut with two forgotten mandolin concerti by Emanuele Barbella and Carlo Cantone in Paris
  • 05.05.2013 - Alon is to assist maestro Laurence Cummings at the Händel Festspiele Göttingen