Recital Programs | 2017

  • J.S. Bach Solo
    Solo Music by Bach, on different plucked instruments

  • L'Art Français, on baroque mandolin / lute

    Lute music from 17th century Versailles (Ballard, Gallot, Visée)
    Mandolin music from 18th century Paris (Fouchetti, Leone, Denis)
  • Paisiello in Vienna (see Brilliant Classics 95301)
    Alon Sariel - mandolin, Izhar Elias - guitar, Michael Tsalka - fortepiano

    Variations on Paisiello's aria "Nel cor piu non mi sento" along works for mandolin, guitar and piano by his contemporeries in Vienna at the turn of the 19th Century: Beethoven, Hummel, Giuliani, Paganini, Wanhal, Weber, Bortolazzi among others.
  • Hommage to Yehezkel Braun (1922-2014)
    Alon Sariel - Mandolin, Izhar Elias - Guitar, Michael Tsalka - Cembalo

    Y. Braun - Music for three plucked instruments
    Y. Braun - Partita for guitar solo
    Y. Braun - Sonata for mandolin and guitar 
    Y. Braun - Four Pieces for Cembalo
    Y. Braun - Sharkiya, for three plucked instruments
  •  Mandolin/Lute & String Quartet

    F. Giulianni – Mandolin Quartet in C
    J. Fasch - Lute concerto
    P. Ben Haim – Serenade
    J. Haydn - Quartet for lute and strings
    V. Kioulaphides – Mandolin Quartet
    C. Assad - Obrigado
  • Silenced Voices - Music by Jewish Composers from the 20th century - with Flex Ensemble, Mandolin and Piano Quartet 

    P. Ben Haim – Songs without words
    J. Schönberg - Piano Quartet
    L. Saminsky - Hebrew Rapsodie 
    E. Bloch – Nigun
    G. Mahler – Piano Quartet
    A. Schnittke – Piano Quartet
    P. Ben Haim – Serenade