Recital Programs | 2017

  • J.S. Bach Solo
    Solo Music by Bach, on baroque mandolin / lute / baroque guitar

  • L'Art Français, on baroque mandolin / lute / baroque guitar

    Lute music from 17th century Versailles (Ballard, Gallot, Visée)
    Mandolin music from 18th century Paris (Fouchetti, Leone, Denis)
  • Paisiello in Vienna (see Brilliant Classics 95301)
    Alon Sariel - mandolin
    Izhar Elias - guitar
    Michael Tsalka - fortepiano
    on historical instruments 

    Variations on Paisiello's aria "Nel cor piu non mi sento" along works for mandolin, guitar and piano by his contemporeries in Vienna at the turn of the 19th Century: Beethoven, Hummel, Giuliani, Paganini, Wanhal, Weber, Bortolazzi among others.
  • Hommage to Yehezkel Braun (see Sharkiya)
    Alon Sariel - Mandolin
    Izhar Elias - Guitar
    Michael Tsalka - Cembalo

    Y. Braun - Music for three plucked instruments
    Y. Braun - Partita for guitar solo
    Y. Braun - Sonata for mandolin and guitar 
    Y. Braun - Four Pieces for Cembalo
    Y. Braun - Sharkiya, for three plucked instruments
  •  Mandolin/Lute & String Quartet

    F. Giulianni – Mandolin Quartet in C
    J. Fasch - Lute concerto
    P. Ben Haim – Serenade
    J. Haydn - Quartet for lute and strings
    V. Kioulaphides – Mandolin Quartet
    C. Assad - Obrigado
  • Silenced Voices - Music by Jewish Composers from the 20th century - with Flex Ensemble, Mandolin and Piano Quartet 

    P. Ben Haim – Songs without words
    J. Schönberg - Piano Quartet
    L. Saminsky - Hebrew Rapsodie 
    E. Bloch – Nigun
    G. Mahler – Piano Quartet
    A. Schnittke – Piano Quartet
    P. Ben Haim – Serenade