• As soloist or continuo player, a "hip" plucker (historically informed performance) may easily end up with a whole lot of instruments...


At the moment I am looking for a vihuela da mano and a gothic harp. HoweverI admit that I also have a weakness for the different historical mandolins.

Feel free to get in touch and make me an offer!


  • Mandolins by Arik Kerman (original design)


  • Neapolitan Baroque Mandolin by Gennaro Vinaccia (1780)


  • Calace Concert Mandolin made by Raffaele Calace Jr.
    1st Prize of the International Raffaele Calace Competition 2007
    - *Sold!

  •  Banjolina, anonymous (~1985)


  • Syrian Oud, anonymous (~1960)

  • Anatolian Cura (~2019)



  • Archlute by Marcus Wesche, after Vendelio Venere (Venice, c. 1615)


  • Baroque Guitar by Dieter Hense after Antonio Stradivari (Cremona, 1680)


  • Theorbo by Matteo Baldinelli, after Wendelin Tieffenbrucker (Veneto, 1611)
    - *sold! 

  •  7 course Renaissance Lute by Yaron Naor, after Jakob Hes (Venice, 1586)
    - *for sale/exchange

  • 5 course Medieval Lute by Yaron Naor (2011). Purchase was made possible through the support of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation

  • 6 course Baroque Mandolin by Matteo Baldinelli, after Giuseppe Fontanelli (Bologna 1735)
    - *sold!

  • 10 course Renaissance Lute by Kai Schupp (1991)
    - *for sale/exchange